Fall 2016 Pantry Updates

New Floor & Desks: 

maddie-story-1Maddie Cimorell,  a senior at Mount Notre Dame High School, has been coming to the food pantry for the past six years with her family to volunteer for the Christmas celebration.

“I always look forward to going because I love working with my cousins and picking out gifts for families and finding super cool toys for the kids,” said Maddie. “My favorite part is walking a bag full of presents into the main room and seeing the reactions of those who are on the receiving end of my gift choices.”

When Maddie was assigned a senior project she immediately thought of the pantry and wanted to help it grow even more. She put in a lot of hard work planning, painting, and was instrumental in getting the food pantry a new floor and desks, which will be installed soon.  “It was a lot of hard work and planning but I think everything has paid off and I hope that everyone else will enjoy the changes!” said Maddie.

Thank you Maddie! Clients and volunteers appreciate your dedication to the pantry.

New Ramp:

rampThe ramp at the entrance of the pantry helps bring numerous carts of food into the pantry throughout the year.  It also helps make entering and exiting the pantry easier for our volunteers and clients.

The ramp was refurbished this fall and it is now wider and more user-friendly.

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